Is any way to convert large mutable array into shared R/O?

I need to read some data from network and then parse it into movable/returnable key-value map. I don't want to reallocate all keys and values for map, because i already have them in the container (Vec, String or something else).

I could take a map, where both keys and values are just slices of container. It works, but such map is not movable/returnable. It is even impossible to move/return this map along with container, for example as parts of object

struct ParsedData<'a> {
    container: String,
    variables: HashMap<&'a str, &'a str>, // all &str are slices of container

because this object becames self-borrowing as soon as slices stored in the map.

I thought i could make some "shared slices" type, for example

struct SharedStr {
    origin: Rc<str>,
    range: Range,

impl Borrow<str> for SharedStr {
    fn borrow(&self) -> &str {

having implemented Borrow trait to allow use this type as keys of map. But this way i have other issue - i can't turn mutable container(Vec or String) into Rc without redundant copying.

Such type

struct SharedString {
    origin: Rc<String>,
    range: Range,

could eliminate redundant copying, but this way i have double-dereferencing, which slowing down working with map with keys and values of such type.

Are there any other ways?

ByteString would be the closest thing out there.

Hyeonu, Thanx! Looks like this is what i need (along with Bytes).

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