Is #36646 fixed?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to debug my rust program in Visual Studio but can't make natvis to show types like u8, i8 and String. There is issue 36646 already logged for this: However, it says there that the issue is fixed. But I'm still seeing the problem with rustc 1.14:

Can any one please confirm if it is indeed fixed in the latest build?

The output of rustup show on my machine is:

I’m having a hard time understanding the linked issue. It seems like the underlying LLVM issue was fixed, but I’m not sure if that fix propagated back to rustc already (through means of an LLVM release and upgrade).

Looks like it was an upstream issue in LLVM and got fixed there.
However, Rust uses a private mirror of LLVM which does not yet include that patch, so it is not fixed in any release of Rust

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In that case #36646, which is a Rust issue, should remain open in my view. It has been marked closed by michaelwoerister. Can someone who has the right privileges please reopen it?

Also any idea when Rust’s fork of LLVM will be updated from the master? From what @skade said, looks like this won’t happen until LLVM makes the next public release. Is that true?

Hi guys,

Any clue when rust’s fork of LLVM will be updated? Who should I contact for this? Is there’s anything I can do to help?

A fix for this issue is important for me because I want my team at work to do our next project in Rust. All my teammates are Windows programmers familiar with Visual Studio. Therefore to help them take up Rust it is really important that debugging experience is decent in Visual Studio. This will really go a long way for me :slight_smile:

@gurry Here’s the issue about LLVM upgrade: It should link to all relevant information. The next big thing to do is port emscripten to LLVM 4.0.


Thanks for the help Brian.