Inverse of `str::escape_default`

There is str::escape_default. Is there an inverse for that?

but it has not been updated for 7 years, and unfortunately it's not the perfect inversion for the method.

I have never tested this crate myself, but searching for the “unescape” tag on brought up

which seems more maintained and AFAICT by glancing at the docs and implementation should/might support everything that str::escape_default can output.

Nice, this works. The docs say this is the inverse for std::ascii::escape_default, which does not emit \u{...}, but this seems supported, so it is also an inverse for std::char::escape_default (edit: only for char values up to 2^16)

btw, rustc implements this here: rust/ at 19c53768af6e48514238e4224b5bf5ecd51bc7b1 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub
Nothing too easy to copy :frowning:

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