Introducing rust-gpu 0.1

Hello everyone, we at Embark are proud to announce rust-gpu! A new project to get Rust running on the GPU!


This is, as the kids say, very lit.

(Extremely cool, in case I butchered the youngspeak).


This is really cool!
Do you think one could use this to run compute kernels on the GPU? Or is it for graphics only?

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If it can do Vulkan compute shaders (not there but planned, from what I read), then it can do a somewhat limited form of GPGPU compute.

Somewhat limited because for reasons beyond my comprehension, compute APIs tend not to be in sync with graphics APIs, they provide a little bit more control on low-level GPU features (warp intrinsics, etc). You're unlikely to find this to be a problem in simple GPGPU programs, but it might become one if you ever ended up on a problem where absolute maximum performance is required.

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