Introducing Ourselves to the Community

Hello everyone!

I'm Erick Tryzelaar, the new lead of the Community team. I'm an old-timer on Rust, back when Boxes were tildes, Rcs were ampersands, and the sigils roamed wild. Ah those halcyon days. I live in the Bay Area, and I started Rust Bay Area because I was hungry, and I wanted to eat with other Rustaceans in the area. We meet about once a month (if I'm doing my job right) and have fun talking about Rust. Contrary to popular belief, I do not work at Mozilla, but instead at Cloudera doing big data-y things. Sadly no Rust (yet). My biggest Rust project is Serde, but my heart yearns to play more with Stateful.

If you are interested, would you like to introduce yourself, and what you are interested in? Feel free to share as much or as little as you want. Are you new to Rust and just learning the language? An old timer looking to help mentor folks? Aspiring meetup organizer and don't know where to start? Let us know!

edit: Forgot to mention I'm erickt on irc and on github.


Hi, I'm Jeremiah Peschka. I'm new to Rust - I've spent the last 7 years in the database world where I kept as up to date as I could on software trends. In December I sold my share of the consulting company I built and I came back to the world of software.

I started learning Rust in earnest about a month ago, after a few earlier attempts. I'm interested in learning more about Rust, working with a mentor to get smarter, and hopefully getting a day job working with Rust.

edit I'm peschkaj on IRC, github, and twitter

Howdy folks, I'm bstrie, also of the community team, and possibly the second oldest-timer in the Rust community (outside of Mozilla, anyway), coming in after Erick. :slight_smile: My background is in dynamic languages and web technologies, and I focus mainly on community management and outreach to first-time systems programmers.

I'm a German software developer and co-organizer of the Rhein-Main Rust Meetup. I also blog (mostly) about Rust, and am a supporting editor of TWiR. My interests are lints, type shenanigans, performance and assorted other topics.


Hello everyone!
I'm Mathieu David (a.k.a. @Azerupi), a 21 years old engineering student from Brussels (Belgium). I am self-taught at programming and have been playing with Rust since it's 1.0 release in May last year.

My most popular project in Rust is mdBook, a gitbook-like utility written in Rust to create (html) books from markdown files. By the way, all contributions are welcome and I am willing to mentor beginners to the best of my ability :slight_smile:

In the future I would like to experiment with more advanced topics like artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, etc.


I'm Florian Gilcher, usually known as skade (irc, github) or argorak (twitter) ( (the latter spells as "skade wasn't available"). I'm from Berlin. I started using Rust with version 0.8 and am one of the cofounders of Rust Berlin in 2014, which is both a meetup and a learning group. I own a consulting company, which sadly doesn't do any Rust yet (hint, hint). I love programming languages and Ruby has been my main introduction to them.

FOSS-wise, I was involved in the Padrino Project and a couple of others. I'm the initial german translator of the ConfCodeofConduct, although I now recommend others (such as the BerlinCodeOfConduct.

I don't have that much of a technical (open) track-record. I'm more into fixing bugs and typos in projects I use. On the other hand, I've been carrying mod-bits for most of the time I spent on the internet. I used to moderate a larger German heavy metal board for multiple years and then moved on to moderating the largest German Ruby community board. Sometimes, I give talks about those topics. Since then, I created multiple successful meetups (Vagrant Berlin, Elasticsearch Berlin [now Search Berlin],, was involved as core creator in three conference sets (germany.rb, eurucamp/JRubyConf.EU) and ran the CCCamp Rust tent. I'm heavily interested in diversity work that works and as such, eurucamp was a conference with a very diverse set of speakers and attendees. I'm also board member of Ruby Berlin e.V. non-profit (which is very badly named and runs events across Europe) and involved in OpenTechSchool Berlin. Through that, I have a lot of experience with marketing OSS software (a word a lot of people will hate :)) to non-FOSS-people.

When it comes to Rust, I tend to port your stuff to stable. Also, I'm sometimes grumpy about Rust things (mostly community), hence a friend suggested the avatar I'm now having ;).

You will find some more here

See you around.

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my name is Benjamin Kampmann, but usually referred to as ben (also on this forum), currently residing in Berlin and Amsterdam. I am Freelance OpenSource Developer and Architect and as such do primarily web stuff (with Javascript, Python and Ruby), with a vast experience in building and maintaining social community type of things. For e.g. I've build plugins and patches for the Discourse Software (you are currently looking at) and am a core developer of Beavy.

After a few failed attempts, I decided to give Rust an actual shot end of last year. I rewrote (and am a curator of) AreWeWebYet and the Clippy-Linting-Service.

I am also one of the founding members and first chair person of the OpenTechSchool e.V. and very active local (Berlin Chapter) and international member of the organizing team. Among others I am running the local Python Co-Learning group and initiated the OpenSourceBash. Further more I was the CEO and lead coach of the Hackership, a full-time code learning programme for experienced developers (spun out of OTS). My latest endeavor is an initiative which focuses on improving tooling and services within the FLOSS world to better take care of the (too often overlooked) human-aspects of things, like mental health, diversity, funding and support. It is called Bashy.

You can find me on twitter, github and learn more on my website.



My name is Johannes Lundberg and my story is somewhat complicated but to simplify it, I work for a Japanese company called Brilliantservice, I recently transferred to the Bay Area to find funding for my project, Mirama smartglasses, and spinout a new business in the US.

The reason I'm hanging around in the Rust community is that we are using Rust as API language for our platform. Probably we will also rewrite larger parts of lower level libraries from C/C++ to Rust.

As soon as things have settled a bit I want to invite you all to Mirama hackathons that will be held probably somewhere around Sunnyvale-Mountainview. A perfect opportunity play with two of our favorite things, Rust and AR :wink:

Once funded we will be needing a couple of wizard coders with skills in Rust and FreeBSD so let me know if you might be interested!

You can find me as yohanesu75 on IRC and Github or mail me.



I'm Jan-Erik Rediger, usually known as badboy_ (with or without the underscore). I live and study in Aachen, Germany.
I started with Rust in August 2014 after I was frustrated with a large C++ project and Rust promised to do better.

I'm currently trying to get semantic-rs ready for release. Some time I will finish rdb-rs and work on the other dozen or so crates I published or co-maintain.
If I'm not doing Rust, I probably help out at Redis.

From time to time I coach for the OpenTechSchool, I even organized the first otsconf last year.
I also gave some talks about Rust, different topics, ranging from introductions to webdevelopment to my projects.

You can find me on twitter, github and on irc as badboy.


I'm Andrew Gallant, usually known as burntsushi just about everywhere. I'm on the Rust library team. I started with Rust almost two years ago, but had been watching it closely long before that.

For $work, I do stuff with searching text.

For Rust, I do stuff with searching text.

I like text.


I'm Mike Sampson. I have been rusting since the first Sydney meetup. Can't recall when that was.

By day I'm a Linux Systems Administrator. I use Rust for small personal projects at this point. I probably should finish one of them. Current active projects are a link shortner and an assembler(very early days).

I'm on twitter and github.

Feb 9, 2015. You're welcome :slight_smile: .

Hi, i'm (Strake = M Farkas-Dyck). I did my bachelor's degree in spacecraft engineering but turned to software for work. As i write this, i work for Google on a linear algebra compiler (in C++, alas). I'm Canadian but now live in California. Other than Rust, i like to write in Haskell and Agda, and lately am playing with Idris. In my free time, i like to write compilers, kernels, computer algebra systems, and video games; study mathematics, physics, and space technology; listen to music, mostly classical and metal; ride trains; and look up at night.

My most popular crate seems to be libreal, a utility library which unlike libstd not aborts on allocation failure, which is unacceptable behavior in many use cases i care about.

I'm Kevin, self-employed Android developer for the past several years. I've been watching Rust for a while, interested in learning more about it, and the main reason why is that I'm considering using it to help me branch out onto other platforms by sharing common code. Since I'm not that experienced with C and C++, and don't have the resources to dedicate to debugging native crashes, Rust seems pretty compelling to me.

My current concerns is that Rust doesn't enjoy the same tooling support as C/C++ does for the mobile platforms, and I'm not yet sure if it's worthwhile or if it's better to just duplicate all of the code or use something like RoboVM or Xamarin. So, that's still something I'm exploring. :slight_smile:

Hi, I'm Sven Nilsen, a bachelor in computer engineering with specialty in artificial intelligence. Live in a small town in Norway, and been working on software for 15 years, specially 2D animation software. Rust caught my interest because it checked all the requirements I had on the list for a language suitable for maintaining a large code base. Got involved 2.5 years ago, made a Make/Bash script to help developers get started, later replaced by Cargo. I then started the Piston project, worked across a variety of projects to help the Rust gamedev community grow. I am deep intuitional thinker with a love for mathematics, very ambitious and an practical advocate of creative freedom and equality. I am known as bvssvni everywhere.


I'm Kang Seonghoon aka lifthrasiir, senokay and Yurume (among tons of alter egos). I have watched the development since 0.1, written a code since 0.5 (porting Angolmois was quite an experimental project at that time), and maintained some popular libraries like Chrono and Encoding for some time. I'm one of founding members of the Korean Rust User Group. These days I'm lurking around IRC (known as lifthrasiir, Yurume or Yurumechan), answering questions while learning new things, and procrastinating a lot (sorry!).

Outside of the Rust community I have been a programming language researcher for a while and now a software engineer at the largish video game company. (I'm also known for this code---hint.) My previous work was building and maintaining a back-end online game server in C++ and Lua; my current work, as of 2016-03, is a bit of secret but I can say that it is using Rust as a major component :slight_smile:


Hi all!

I'm Kamal Marhubi. I'm an independent developer based in Montreal. After following Rust semi-closely since 0.6 or so, I finally started writing some towards the end of 2015. I'm glad I finally did: now I'm kind of all Rust all the time, and I'm having a blast!

My main Rusty interests—so far!—are Linux systems programming, and some vaguely defined area of developer tools. On the systems side, I'm a maintainer of nix, and I'm sort of writing a containy-thing that uses user namespaces. On the tools side, I wrote rust-bisect, and am contributing to user experience aspects of rustfmt.

I'm kamalmarhubi on here and the internals forum, IRC (Mozilla and Freenode), the .com TLD, GitHub, Twitter, and probably elsewhere.

I'm Jimmy Cuadra, a programmer from San Francisco. Most of my programming career has been in Ruby, but I've used many other languages including Python, Perl, PHP, and JavaScript. I've been using Rust for about two years and it is by far my favorite language ever. All new projects I work on are in Rust.

My most notable project (non-Rust) is Lita, a chat bot framework for Ruby. If you've heard of GitHub's Hubot, it's basically a Ruby version of that.

In the Rust world, my most notable projects are Rusoto (an AWS library,) rust-etcd (a client library for CoreOS's distributed key-value store, etcd,) and Ruma (implementations of the specification in Rust.) I'm also very active in the Rust community. I go to all the bay area Rust meetups and frequent /r/rust, the users and internals forums, and IRC.

You can find me on GitHub as jimmycuadra, Twitter as jimmycuadra, and IRC (both Mozilla and Freenode) as Perceptes.