Introducing actix-settings

After 2 designs and a lot of iteration, I'm pleased to introduce the first public release of actix-settings, which allows you to:

  1. Enable servers written using actix-web to have a single, easy-to-modify place for settings exposed by actix-web, e.g. the number of workers, the length of the backlog of pending connections, the maximum number of simultaneous connections, etc. This place comes in the form of a TOML file, the location of which you can choose yourself.
  2. Easily override those settings when necessary e.g. by means of env vars (but other sources are also supported)
  3. Store, in the same TOML file, settings that are specific to the server you're writing. This allows for a single file to contain all settings that are relevant to the server, regardless of whether they are implemented by actix-web or by the server itself.
  4. Easily apply the settings to your server.

If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to have a look at the GitHub project page.

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