Introduce `cargo-all`

I really really love Rust.

I started to use the Rust 5 years ago.

I like to implement any thing that interest me in Rust.

So, I got a a lot of projects on my computer.

And I hope I can manage them together.

That's why I developed this.

It's still in a very early stage.

It could:

  1. run the cargo clean for every sub-folder
  2. modify the rust-toolchain.toml for every sub-folder
  3. update all installed crates (TODO)

And I want to discuss this here. If this tool is useful? If yes, what features do you want?

1: cargo-sweep
3: cargo-update

I'm not aware of any existing tool for 2.

Hey! Thanks for the sharing!

I know these before. But I hope there is an all-in-one toolbox.

I figured that was a possibility. If nothing else, you could use those commands internally.

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