Interactive invoice


I like to try to make a website in rust where a person can make a invoice.
I have this in mind.

  1. When the person chooses a product and a amount, the calculations of total price of that line and the total price of the invoice and the taxes must be calculated automaticaly and then displayed.
  2. there must be a sort of button or link where a user can choose to add another line to the invoice.
  3. the list of all the invoices must be displayed in a datatable where the invoices can be sorted , filtered and searched.

What is then the best front-end framework to make this work.
I looked at yew and some others but they seem not to make this work



If you want the frontend written in rust, I can recommend Seed, as it has excellent documentation for getting started.

Yew should be capable of doing what you want though it might be harder to understand at first.

Your question is very disconnected from Rust-specific issues.

Rust as a language doesn't have anything specific related to your problem. Even core Rust libraries are more general-purpose than this.

Don't expect to have anything ready-made in Rust for this. If you want to write this in Rust, you probably need more experience with Rust programming, so that you will see a clearer path to making this work.

It's also possible that Rust isn't the right language to implement that kind of functionality. "Getting a bit of data from a db to a web page" is something that PHP, Ruby, Python or Node can do well.

Personally for web frontends I use Quasar:

Works great with any kind of backend such as my Rust web APIs :wink:.

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