IntelliJ, Rust, TypeScript

Admittedly more of an IntelliJ question. When using IntelliJ for Rust & TypeScript together, I run into the following choices:

  1. open Rust and TypeScript in same window: weird, requires specific directory structure

  2. open Rust and TypeScript in different IntelliJ windows: often get confused on whether I'm editing Rust workspace or TypeScript workspace

Anyone else running into this issue when doing Rust / TypeScript interop in IntelliJ, and if so, how are you solving it ? [I'm half tempted to use VSCode for TypeScript, IntelliJ for Rust just to get easy separation]

I'm not sure if IntelliJ supports having different themes active in different windows, but you could switch your Rust window to have a orange-ish theme like Solarized Light and the TypeScript window could use a blue-ish theme like Solarized Dark.

That way you'd be able to tell immediately because of the window's background colour.

I tested changing File -> Settings -> Appearance -> Theme in one window.

Unfortunately, it changes the theme for both windows.

There might be some option that is project local (i.e. project/.idea/**/* is huge) but nothing comes to mind.

I use WebStorm for web, CLion for Rust. You can theme them independently. Admittedly, this is a more expensive approach.

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