IntelliJ/Rust/ Run on Remote Machine

  1. I have IntelliJ + Rust installed on local machine.

  2. I have IntelliJ + rust installed on remote machine (which local can ssh into).

  3. Is there a way, from IntelliJ on local machine, editing a Rust project, to say “run this test on REMOTE machine”? (SSH is already setup).

  4. Googling I find which seems to suggest it’s possible. However, I can’t figure out how to set this up with a Rust project?


TLDR: Is there anyway to edit a rust project on a LOCAL machine with IntelliJ and run it (from IntelliJ) on a REMOTE machine?

You may have better luck with this question on an IntelliJ forum, as it’s not really Rust-specific.

I’m genuinely curious – are IntelliJ-Rust questions on-topic or off-topic here?

On one hand, this is the 3rd or 4th time someone has politely suggested I post to IntelliJ forums.

On the other hand: (1) I’ve gotten quite a few helpful IntelliJ-Rust responses here and (2) it seems the main Rust editor choices are Vim/Emacs/VSCode/IntelliJ.

The fact that there’s a Rust plugin in your IntelliJ setup means it’s not, strictly speaking, off topic. :slight_smile: But IntelliJ’s ability to run commands remotely, I suspect, has little to do with the Rust mode or Rust itself. I could be wrong; I’ll kick back and see if anyone has suggestions.

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That’s a good point, the line is probably at:

Specific to the IntelliJ/Rust plugin => on topic

Applies to other IntelliJ supported languages too => off topic

This would be off-topic (because it’s for another IDE), but it was announced just hours ago by the VScode team. It looks very neat.

This is very helpful.

I saw it on news.yc but didn’t draw the connection until you brought it up.

The most efficient way of developing Rust on a LInux machine from an OSX laptop may be to install VSCode / WSL (Window System for Linux) on the Linux machine itself. :slight_smile:

I tried Pycharm with Rust plugin a few months ago with no success. But CLion seems to support remote deployment, still debugging is somewhat limited.

I’ve been playing with the vscode remote tool and it is… astonishingly good.

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