IntelliJ / rust-plugin, syntax error, red underline -> blinking

  1. I realize this might be a terrible idea. Even if so, I would like to see how annoying it is before dismissing it.

  2. Currently, when there is a syntax error, the IntelliJ/Rust plugin will put underline under the offending segment. It is possible to change fg-color, bg-color, italic, bold. However, I want to see if I can make the segment (or the underline) to blink, i.e. <blink></blink>

Is this possible at all?

That would be a terrible default behavior, because, depending on the blink rate and brightness, it could induce seizures in some individuals. Imagine that you set up your IDE this way, then asked a susceptible colleague to walk over and look at your code.

I never asked this to be the default behaviour.

Imagine I am working from home and this hypothetical does not apply.

As far as I can tell, blinking is not one of the built-in text effects for IntelliJ syntax highlighting. The supported effect types are:

public enum EffectType {
  @ApiStatus.Experimental SLIGHTLY_WIDER_BOX
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