Intellij Rust Plugin! let me type "else" properly!

I actually have no idea about what you are doing when you try to use else keyword, but personally, I usually just type "el" and enter: let IDE complete it.

What makes me very uncomfortable is following

After if block, why in the world eprintln!() is recommended first followed by private fn and than finally and eventually else is recommended?

If I type "els" it shows me else finally, but I've always used just "el" to type else and there was no problem except for this case. (makes me insane!)

Can guys who work with Intellij Plugin kindly consider this when they develop it?
Imo, it doesn't make any sense in the given context.

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I don't know if the authors of that plugin read this forum. You may want to find their issue tracker.

I’ll try thanks

Heh, I recall noticing this a while ago: Bad completion sorting for `else { ... }` syntax · Issue #4424 · intellij-rust/intellij-rust · GitHub

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Quite posted far ago... Sad about it doesn't spot by authors

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