Intellij , rust , -> go to file

I have the following directory structure:


in, I have the following content

// this is in file

// I have the following line to see if preprending a "./" helps the goto-file finder
// ./grammar.pest
#[grammar = "grammar.pest"]
struct Calculator;

now, when I put the cursor over "grammar.pest" (either of them) and hit "goto file", it can't find the "grammar.pest" in the current directory.

Question: Is there some type of formatting I can do so that it jumps to "grammar.pest" ? (It's okay is the formatting is weird and we have to stuff it in a comment.)

I didn't try it, but maybe use Markdown?

/// [grammar.pest](./grammar.pest)

Edit: and then command/ctrl click on it.

Tried ctrl-click, as well as goto-file. None worked.

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