IntelliJ/IDEA run rust unit test, show output

  1. Problem: When I am running a unit test in IntelliJ Idea (by clicking on the green triangle), and the test passes, all the println! output is hidden. This is annoying as I often like to abuse the testing infrastructure to run small snippets of code and inspect the output.

  2. It appears the reason is related to and the solution is to add --no-capture.

  3. Question: how do I tlel IntelliJ/IDEA’s Rust plugin to add --no-capture everywhere?

Here's a way to do it:
Click on Edit Configurations

Edit the command field to include the following arguments after test:

-- --nocapture

Then click Ok/Apply and then run to your heart's content.
The unfortunate downside is that this is no longer recognized as a testing suite for IntelliJ, so you will need to create a new separate command to run this without the -- --nocapture piece.

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