Intellij idea // high contrast // rust type inference / helper info

  1. I am using latest 2018.3 IntelliJ IDEA together with latest Rust plugin.

  2. I am using the "high contrast" theme (black background, bold colors).

  3. Everything works great, excedpt for: inferred types + names of function arguments.

Rust wants to put both of this info as BLACK text on a GRAY background. This is very jarring when dealing with a BLACK background & bold bright color text.

Any idea how to fix this? I've been reading through project -> settings -> appearance -> rust ... but all I see are for the Rust source, not the inferred types / helpers

Sounds like a bug. Could you log an issue to

Also, could you check that Java/Kotlin don't have the same issue? If they have the same problem, then it's a platform, and not a langauge plugin issue. In such case, the appropriate place to log the issue is