Instructor-led learning, bootcamps and local community gathering

Hi dear community,

I am new to programming. I come from a System Adminsitration background, with very basic knowledge in bash scripting, comfortable with some devops operations and Linux.

I would like to find bootcamps or communities to get me started to Rust that would potentially lead to an internship. Tried reading the book, but i'm unable to learn from there. I'm a visual person that needs concrete context, with demo projects and coaching. Have tried programming languages such as javascript, python... and I intensely tried to sit down for hours and learn about it, but a part from knowing how to read basic concepts and what the code is doing, I always failed to actually build something real. Ok, this has helped me in my devops functions how filesystem is connected, why a get request is returning a 401, and how environment variables are constructed, but I believe i'm having a hard time to learn how to "think" in a computing way. As much as I would really love to.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Firstly, I have to apologize for such an off-topic and probably a little rude reply, but: The Biggest Myth In Education

haha, no worries, it's kinda on-topic and not really rude. I watched the video and found it quite humorously honest. 14 minute of "how to actually learn something" doesn't hurt. :slight_smile:

If you're searching for in person teaching, you should google something like "rust bootcamp ", though I would question the quality of the teaching done there, I don't think a bootcamp can give you the breadth of knowledge needed to be a competent programmer just by itself.

I unfortunately could not find any relevant bootcamps about rust in the area I lieve in, after of course searching online.

Is there any prerequisite that I should consider, before diving into the actual rust documentation on Or, where to start if none of the above options work?

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