Installation on windows 10, toolchain problem

Hi all,

I'm new to programming and would like to learn Rust, but I am stuck with installation. I installed rust 1.20.0 (through rustup) stable version and build tools. I have windows 10. I thought everything should be OK, but when I type rustc -V I get
error: override toolchain '1.20.0' is not installed
info: caused by: the toolchain file at '\?\C:\Users\Ray\rust-toolchain' specifies an uninstalled toolchain
I have no idea how to fix it. Do you know what might be wrong?

thank you

Does it work if you tell rustup to explicitly use stable (i.e. 1.20.0)?

$ rustup default stable

I tried, but it didn't help, still the same error :-(. It works with gnu toolchain, so I thought there might some problem with rust finding msvc, but dont know how to repair it.

Have you installed the msvc tools?

I have. I found out, that when I launch rustc from .rustup\toolchains\stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc\bin> it works fine. So I dont know what is happening

It sounds like at some point you did a rustup override set 1.20.0. This is different than the auto-updating stable channel, and will only work if you had also done rustup install 1.20.0 explicitly. Try rustup override unset to get back to using the default.

Great, this worked. Thanks a lot!