Install rustup components offline


I'm trying to set up Rust development in an atypical environment, and have run into a few snags. I work with safety critical applications in a closed environment, with no internet access (defence secrecy et cetera). I do have a way to download files in an open environment and transfer them to the closed environment.

Using this I have been able to install rust and cargo using the free-standing distribution available, and even downloaded a few crates, set up my own local registry and file server, which works just fine.

Now I'd like to install rls or rust analyzer to set up some IDE integration, but, the only way I can see to download these is using rustup. Rust fmt would also be nice. I would guess that rustup fetches the correct binaries from somewhere, but I can't find from where.

Maybe the easiest way would be to use rustup in the open environment, BUT: 1) the open env is windows while the closed env is Linux 2) introducing new software components at my job is not a light endeavor and has accompanying documentation, and I'd like to be able to write a simple URL from where these tools can be downloaded.

Can anyone help me out?

Rustup downloads a manifest like channel-rust-stable.toml which contains all the URLs.

Thank you very much! The manifest could be found in the ~/rustup directory and contained URLs for components for all targets :blush:

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