Initial Release of the Pafera File Server: The Fastest Way to Share Files Between Android Phones and iPhones

Hey there, guys!

I recently ported an old python file server designed to run on Android Termux to Rust, and through many comments and suggestions from friends, I have developed it to the point where I believe that it could be a useful tool for other people as well. It includes thumbnails, swipe friendly recursive slide shows, one click downloads, easy browser based file management, sending files to other servers, and much more.

The git repository is at

The detailed article is at

And for all Rustaceans, you may simply type

cargo install paferafileserver

It took a while to get the concepts of Rust into my head, but I haven't had this much fun with a new language since I learned python 15 years ago. Cheers to everyone here who have contributed in creating such a fast, helpful ecosystem!


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