Index of all Struct / Enum / Trait in a given workspace

Here's my situation:

  1. I have a single workspace with 10-20 crates, totalling ~6k LOC (counted by cloc)

  2. I am using Rust IntelliJ, but am open to non-IntelliJ solutions.

  3. I want something that provides an index, over ALL crates of the workspace, of all Struct / Trait / Enums

  4. Then I want to be able to type a partial name in this interface, have it show me possible completions (along with crate name + file name).

  5. Then, when I click on an item, it jumps IntelliJ to the right source line.


What is the closest we have to some tooling like this?

I think this is You will be redirected shortly ?


I'll also recommend watching this talk which explains some of the most useful features of IntelliJ:

well worth the time if one uses JetBrains IDEs regularly.

@matklad : GotoClass indeed is what I want. Thanks!

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