Incorporating onboard in my own app

Hi guys,
Does anyone know if incorporating onboard (on screen keyboard) is possible using rust bindings with gtk?
I know it is possible with pure gtk, but couldn't find any examples how it is done using rust.
Any help appreciated

Do you have any example of how to do it in C? Because the Rust API tends to mimic the C API fairly strongly.

Hi there, yes, I have actually working example in C:

Well, it seems to me that the example can be quite well translated in Rust. As far as I could tell, all the API's that were being used is available in Rust. The page has doc-links for all of them. In particular, you'd need the docs for GTK3, GIO and perhaps GLib.
If you have further generic queries while implementing, then you can post them here (here as in this forum). If you have GTK specific questions, then you'd be better off posting directly to the GNOME discourse, because I don't think there are too many active GTK devs here.

Please discard the below. I was so stressed that I didn't realize that I have to pass args to the function. Sorry for bother.

Hi, thanks for the info. Indeed I've tried to porting that c code to rust and in general it seems to be 1:1. But now I'm stuck on the line:


I found docs for that regarding rust implementation, but I don't know how to even use that function as I am unable to use glib_sys?
I have in my Cargo.toml
glib-sys = "0.15.10"

Then in my code I cannot just do:


Any idea how to do it?

Docs for rust version of glib-sys call:


Is there a way to avoid this unsafe call and use its safe equivalent?

I think you had better ask this in the GNOME discourse.

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