Impossible to upgrade rust before 1.48 version

on latest version of debian server (32 bit PC) I've rust version 1.48 but I must have at least 1.56

There is some limitation on 32 bit system?

If no how I can upgrade from 1.48 to (at least) 1.56?


if I try to upgrade the result is:

"Illegal instruction"

32-bit x86 CPUs should be supported by official Rust from If you have Debian, uninstall Debian's rust packages, and install via rustup instead. This should give you the latest version.

"illegal instruction" could be a symptom of a Rust panic with panic=abort. Does it print anything else before crashing?

Or it could be actually a too-new instruction used in the code. How old is your CPU?

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Hi Kornel and thanks for your reply, I will try soon as possibile.
I run the last i386's debian on a epia m mainboard with C3 processor.

last time I've try to install with your guide but illegal instruction error stop the script.

I've also try to download the tar package without success.

Now I want to try to uninstall it, hope to work because all this is for home assistant installation, I don't want to buy a raspeberry only for this!

The VIA C3 does not support SSE2, which I think is required by Rust for “i686” targets, based on the article Rust Target Names Aren’t Passed to LLVM. Maybe Debian compiles 32-bit Rust for the Pentium Pro architecture instead?

Debian testing includes Rust 1.63, which might be worth testing if it isn’t a lot of trouble.


Hi Carey,
thanks for your reply! Where I can found this: "Debian testing includes Rust 1.63" ?
I can try, sure

I'm looking at Debian -- Package Search Results -- rustc, which shows the version of the rustc packages in the testing distribution.

It’s been years since I used Debian, though, so I can't really offer any assistance as to how you would install it successfully.

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