Importing object oriented language libraries

is it possible to build a cross platform application or library in rust like system programming language using technology like Docker or any other solutions for it

Depends what you mean by import - if you mean can you do something as simple as use my_java_lib::AbstractFactoryFactory, then no. There are ways you can bridge across into a library from another language though - for example, there are crates for using JNI in Rust.

Not easily. You can embed other language runtime, but that's most likely overkill.

you can call out to (read: embed) python using pyo3, don't know about the others

The other way is easier. Python, Java (and probably Dart too) can use Rust libraries via their foreign function interfaces.

There's some discussion whether it's really an object-oriented language (which is the wrong place here), but bindgen has limited support for importing C++ libraries.

I personally tried and failed with CEF's C++ interface. The problem was that CEF has something that's very similar to Rust's std::rc::Rc<T>, which is used for a lot of objects that are both passed and returned from methods. bindgen is unable to handle templates like that.

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