Importing module and aliasing it at the same time

Hi, i'm trying to write and use a module that is described in another file in src/ path. Is it possible in Rust to convert this:

mod coffeemachine;
use coffeemachine as cm;

To what python does with import coffemachine as cm?

Yes, there is a way:

#[path = ""]
mod cm;

However you probably shouldn't be doing this. The #[path] attribute is intended for the use-case where you have two versions of the same module (e.g. one for windows and one for linux), and you want it to be imported under a single name regardless of which file you are using.

Also, if you don't understand why the same file should never be mentioned twice with a mod statement, then you also shouldn't use this.

This looks more confusing and less expressive than:

mod coffeemachine;
use coffeemachine as cm;

and still 2 lines. My intention is just import + alias in one line, if its possible in Rust

I don't think there are other ways to do it.

That said, in files other than the one you have the mod statement in, you would only need the use line.

A little note on the naming here. mod doesn't "import" a module, it creates it. "import" usually refers to bringing into scope something that already exist somewhere else, and that's the job of use, together with aliasing that something.


So how to ensure my module coffeemachine exists? Is it not enough for it to be a file in the same folder to exist as a module?

No. It's the mod keyword that creates a new module from that file, without it there's no module.


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