Implementing `Add` for arbitrary trait implementations


I have a trait which looks like this,

trait Indicator<In, Out> {
    fn consume(&mut self, data: &Vec<In>) -> Vec<Out>;

I want to implement Add for all such indicators, such that if the Out has Add instance it should just add them

But rust keeps cribbing about I cannot implement traits for arbitrary types if not in the same crate

Also, the In parameter for arbitrary Indicator is not constrained. Is there a way to fix that too? Since I can't add PhantomData field for arbitrary Indicator


It's probably not possible, but maybe some workarounds are.

Can you alter this guess at what you meant to the actual implementation you wish you had?

impl<T, In, Out> Add<Out> for T
    T: Indicator<In, Out>,
    Out: Add<Out, Output=Out>,
    type Output = ???;

(It will make suggesting alternatives easier.)

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