Impl Match for my struct? or if let?

I would appreciate some assistance rustifactoring this solution. I have InvocableCategoryList that has a Vec of InvocableCategory, where each InvocableCategory has a Vec of Invocable, where each Invocable has a String field named command_code. I need to match a value against this command_code string.

This is my current ridiculousness:

    for category in category_list.categories.iter() {
        for invocable in category.invocables.iter() {
            if invocable.command_code == config.command_code {
                Invoker{}.invoke(invocable, config.dry_run, config.verbose, config.cmd_args);
                std::process::exit(0); // TODO: return result from invoking command

The compare of the value config.command_code against those deeply nested values seems like a possible use of the Match trait, but I would like to confirm that this is the right direction, and I can't even predict the syntax for how I would use the result as shown with the Invoker? Is there another/better solution than basically moving the for loops into the Match trait and returning an Invoker in the case of a match? It would not make sense to me logically, but would altering the data structures in some way help, for example storing command_code in InvocableCategoryList rather than Invocable?

The closest thing I have found is this, but it seems to be specific to wiremock, which I don't want and may be irrelevant anyway.

impl Match for OddHeaderMatcher {
    fn matches(&self, request: &Request) -> bool {
        match request.headers.get(&self.0) {
            // We are ignoring multi-valued headers for simplicity
            Some(values) => values[0].as_str().len() % 2 == 1,
            None => false

Whether by implementing Match or otherwise, maybe I am looking for something that uses if let to get the Invoker that matches command_code, where no match is an error case for which I show the user help after some additional logic between those for loops and exiting the program.

Or maybe TryFrom, converting command_code to an Invoker?

TryFrom in std::convert - Rust (

Your goals are unclear to me. Are you just trying to simplify the code? If so, you could do something like this:

/// Finds and returns the first matching `Invocable`, or `None`
impl InvocableCategoryList {
    pub fn find_command_code(&self, command_code: &str) -> Option<&Invocable> {
            .flat_map(|c| c.invocables.iter())
            .find(|i| i.command_code == command_code)

And then elsewhere

if let Some(invocable) = category_list.find_command_code(&config.command_code) {
    // Use the invocable
} else {
    // Handle the "missing command code" error case
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Thanks! I do not have a specific goal. I am just learning rust and wondering how others would approach this problem. If what you showed looks typical, then that is enough for me.

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