imgs:CLI- image URL web scrapper

Hello Rustaceans,
I'm so happy to share my first cli program written in rust. Actually have program in some other languages before but rust made me understand coding better, I don't just do things, I have to know the reasons :grin::grin:.
This is a scrapper that can scrap image URL from any website and save the URL in .CSV for further analysis.

I wanted to thank this community for making it easy for me despite the code is less than 100 lines, anytime I get stucked or confuse, I come here, state my problems and this awesome community help me out. So happy.

The code is on my GitHub repository : GitHub - Michaelin007/imgs: image url web-scrapper written in rust

I'm open for contribution and improvements. Thanks a lot.

I've put a few comments in this playground.

You should probably keep reading the ressources on Learn Rust - Rust Programming Language and keep reading the documentation of the crates you use, to learn to use the docs effectivetly you have to read and re-read a lot of them.

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Thanks a lot :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:.
Thanks for the observations, I will surely improve on reading documentations and all resources available to be better in rust. I will keep learning and relearning. I'm very grateful for the help. Thanks.

Have gone through the comments on the playground, so helpful. I will study it very well and then rewrite the code. Thanks a lot once again.

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