Imap client needed

I tried to use imap client and found some samples using imap crate.
The one in github doesnt compile because ClientBuilder is not found in imap.
The one I found on this forum does neither compile, because imap::client is private module.

Any idea how to resolve?
Any working example of imap client?

Examples at GitHub work fine: GitHub - jonhoo/rust-imap: IMAP client library for Rust.

Note that if you are using imap = "2.4.1", you also should use examples from v2.4.1 tag. Your mention of ClientBuilder suggests you are using examples from master branch, which of course doesn't work since ClientBuilder is new in v3.

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Builder does not find this v3 version. It seems that 2.4.1. is the latest it can fetch?

The v3 mentionned by @sanxiyn is an alpha release. You should probably stick to the latest release which is 2.4.1

imap releases

If you want to use an alpha version you'll have to write the exact version in your Cargo.toml, and on use the menu at the top to see the doc for the alpha version.

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