Imagine you were building a new Rust-only startup/business

I sometimes imagine how would it feel to start a new software shop using Rust for most things from scratch. Since it's just an imagination I'm thinking: "To go all-in. Everything in Rust, at least where practical/possible."

Of course it's just day-dreaming. I'm not much of a founder-type, and I'm also pragmatic enough to know that language or even whole tech stuck are much less important than business realities: market fit, investors, marketing and so on.

But what if? Initially I was thinking that maybe I could prototype in my spare time, and get some basics ready "In case I ever actually decide to". It would be something fun to do and I could learn and practice.

There's bunch of problems to solve even before you write a single line of a business code, and they are very common. Most software-based businesses will want a web backend, web frontend, production env. to run it on (Infrastructure As A Code gitops-based reproducible setup would be nice), some organized CI system to build multiple Rust services efficiently, some framework for typical http-based application (including prometheus metrics, logging, asynchronous event based communication bits), eventually some orchestration and so on.

And then it occurred to, that since it's all kind of common. What if someone built something like that collaboratively as an Open Source project. Then anyone could clone, follow some instructions, give it hosting provider credentials, run some commands that make it run devops things under the hood etc. and you get a basic but very featureful software shop.

And just doing, even just as a pretend-thing would be valuable as a reference and testbed, I think.

After some more thinking, I decided to create kind of a SWE LARP game and see I will find any other people that would be interested toying with the idea. I guess initially it is going to be very DevOps-heavy (gitops + terraform + nix + some Rust glue to bind them), but eventually it should get into the Rust-specific parts.

If you're interested, please post in the project. I'm also happy to hear any feedback / ideas.

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