Imagine this kind of development tools for your favourite Programming Language


Rust in my case...

"You shape your tools and your tools shape you"

Tudor Gîrba - Moldable development

Stop Writing Dead Programs by Jack Rusher - Strange Loop 2022

Glamorous Toolkit

Client side Glamorous Toolkit application written in Rust.

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Do I have to follow all those links in order to take a guess at what you are trying to say?

Life is too short to run down every such rabbit hole without a good motivation to do so.

Please elaborate.

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If you see the first one you will see the second and then the other two.
Basically is a very intelligent way of pushing the boundaries of what a good and live IDE can be.
Maybe a glimpse into the future.

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Ok, I have to confess that I had already seen " Stop Writing Dead Programs. Sounds like a lot of fun. The ultimate agile.

Might be useful if such a thing could provide all the things a language like Pascal,C, C++, Rust etc do.

Not sure how my colleagues or clients would respond to it when I'm busy changing the behaviour of running code...

I would be very happy if I could have a subset of that features in development mode in a language like Rust. And of course I know that Rust is very different from Smalltalk or LISP.

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