I'm looking for libraries for 3D modeling

I am looking for a 3D modeling library that has good documentation or additional resources that explain more tasks that can be done, such as making a hole in the model by deleting some polygons, defining an edge loop, subdividing faces, and other tasks that are generally found in 3D modeling softwares such as blender.

But it seems that it only explains how to draw a triangle and a cube, and import a model with those libraries.

The libraries I know are three-d and wgpu

I also lack basic experience in dealing with edges, faces and vertices and how to access them, I would appreciate more explanation on that.

For this purpose you want to look for 3D geometry libraries, not graphics libraries. I don't know of one to recommend, though.


Thanks, I searched with the phrase "3d geometry" and found some libraries:

However, I hope there is more

The most promising such project is Fornjot.

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It looks great at first glance. I also liked that it is a 3D CAD modeling library, but I would like to deal with faces, edges and vertices directly to create tools for modifying polygonal objects.

There is another library for modeling using CAD: Truck

What library does Blackjack use for modeling? I know it uses wgpu for rendering, and egui for graphical user interface.

They seem to have their own, which makes sense if they have special requirements: https://github.com/setzer22/blackjack/blob/21d0e9fc17fcd7d5a977d694bd846da9390ab2c7/blackjack_engine/src/mesh/halfedge.rs

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