Ijk: A real editor for real programmers

As my first Rust product, I've started my editor development a month ago and today I decided to announce the project toward you great Rustaceans.


The concept is like a son of vi and vscode. The editor is TUI on top of termion but has a directory explorer and tab like structure called navigator which you can access to works in progress and switch between them.

The project still has a lot to do including highlighting and integration with language server. But if you like the concept of my editor, I love your likes.

Thank you for your attention.


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing.

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I definitely interpreted it as a joke, although other people might not have the same reaction I did.


Thank to all of you for having interest to my project.

I posted here 9 days ago and worked hard. It is now 4.4k code. Still lots to do though. The demo movie is on the Github page I will update occasionally.

Thank you again for your attention.


Have you taken some informations from https://github.com/xi-editor/xi-editor?

This is a Editor written in Rust which does a separation of frontend and backend..

@trembel Of course, yes. That seems like a nice product.