If Life Were Like Rust (Wedding Planning Edition)

Planner: I think we're finally set. We have the venue scheduled, the DJ is set, the caterer is ready, the photographer is available. All deposits have been paid. But we have one small problem - the flowers.

User: What's wrong with the flowers?

Planner: Well, you opted to rent them, and the florist is a bit uneasy.

User: Uneasy about what?

Planner: That you'll alter them while you set them up.

User: But we won't.

Planner: But you could.

User: Yeah, but we won't.

Planner: Yeah, but you could. And they're not comfortable with that.

User: Okay, what if they set them up instead - this way, they can be sure we won't mess with them.

Planner: Not possible - they have other places to be.

User: They can't spend a few minutes setting them up!?

Planner: Maybe, but they can't be sure. And they don't want to take that risk.

User: Okay, so what if we buy them instead of renting them?

Planner: That could work ... but can you afford to buy a truck at this stage?

User: What do you mean 'buy a truck'? Can't they still deliver them?

Planner: No, as the truck may need to be at other places on that day.

User: But they were coming here anyway! Why can't they still do that?

Planner: Because you could hijack the truck.

User: But we won't!

Planner: But you could.

User: Okay, let's do this. We'll buy the truck. We'll buy the flowers. And when we're done, we'll sell the flowers to the next couple to recoup our costs.

Planner: That isn't going to work.

User: Why not!?

Planner: Because we cannot guarantee that the lifetime of the flowers will outlive the lifetime of the wedding.

User: ...


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