If Ada is already *very* safe, why Rust?


This is a comparison of Rust to Ada, you’re closing this because of what exactly?


The thread is not closed. Just reminding people to keep it focused on Rust comparisons and not to wander too far into other Ada topics.


Because either Ada’s ecosystem is lacking, or Google search is terrible when it comes to finding Ada libraries, which is equally worse to be honest.

How do I create a tar file in Ada? I looked for “ada create tar file” and “ada tar library” and got nothing on the first page of Google.

Rust strength also comes from the “marketing strategy” of early actors which made Rust well-known in a very short span of time. I knew Rust features and strength even before writing my first line of Rust. Also, it has a very strong emphasis on the open-source community.

On the other hand, Ada… Well, I read a paper about it years ago so I know some things about it, but needless to say that that’s not a language that “sells itself” very well. Lack of advertising leads to misconceptions, and misconceptions lead to not using the language.


Googling is a pain, tbh, try: -disabilities -american -australian -dentist -oh



Cool; I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage in that case though: I haven’t ever used Rust. Though this particular topic interests me for several reasons: (1) Ada is my main programming language, (2) I am interested in language-design, and (3) I’m on the ARG.

This is one issue that I have with AdaCore — they market Ada in such a way that it seems like they’re saying Ada is only applicable to the high-integrity/-safety world, almost excluding the general programming world — but, if I’m being honest, I really don’t know how/if I could do better with marketing


In my last job there was a colleague who was involved in a lot of Ada projects. I have never used Ada so I just have to trust him:

He told me once that Ada is a very nice general purpose language but he wouldn’t write an office suite or a web browser in Ada. It’s not the main focus of Ada.

Rust on the other hand has the focus to be a general purpose programming language.

He also told me that Ada compilers aren’t allowed to do certain kinds of optimizations that for example c, c++ (and Rust and other PL via LLVM) are doing.

Thus in theory you cloud write a 3D-game engine with Ada. But it would never be as efficient / fast as one written in c / c++ / Rust.

I really don’t know how/if I could do better with marketing

Well you (or s.o. else) could write a web browser, an office suite or a 3D-game engine in Ada and show everyone that it is possible :wink: