Idx of first elem in [u32; 16] where x % 4 == k

for i in 0 .. 16 {
  if a[i] % 4 == k { return i; }
return 16;

Is there a simple way to use simd to get the idx of the first elem where x % 4 == k in a faster manner ? (pure rust preferred; needs to also work on wasm32)

Have you looked at position?



Why is this faster? How does it use simd? I don't see how this is an improvement.

I completely overlooked the SIMD part. Sorry.

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No harm, thanks for verifying. I am trying to find a solution that exploits the fact that (1) we know before hand that [u32; 16] has 16 elements, and (2) with proper alignment this can be in a cache line. Any solution that works on arbitrary n rather than n == 16 is probably not what I'm looking for.

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