Idiomatic way to filter out Nones

I read somewhere that an Option is an iterator over either one or zero values, depending on whether it's a None or a Some. So it occurred to me to use flat_map() to filter out Nones.

for (line_num, line) in reader
    .flat_map(|lineopt| lineopt)
    if line.contains(&args.pattern) {
        println!("{}: {}", line_num, line);

It works but seems kind of weird. Is the done thing, or is there a better way?

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You should be able to replace .flat_map(|lineopt| lineopt) with just .flatten()


Oh, nice! Thanks.

Semantically, this is also the same as .filter_map(|lineopt| lineopt) or filter_map(std::convert::identity), which can probably show the intent more clearly.


Ahh, makes sense, thanks!

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