Identifying Organizations for Outreach

A long time goal that we have unfortunately dropped the ball on is we (collectively) haven't been doing a great job of doing Rust outreach to other organizations that are outside our networks. I've talked to a number of previous speakers, and they're all interested in giving talks, but they don't know who to approach. Which groups should we engage, what might they be interested in, and who would be a good speaker for those groups?

To get us going:



I'd suggest working with Outreachy.

Outreachy is a great organization, but they don't have any kind of meetup with speakers or workshops that would be appropriate for this. On the other hand, if anybody
a) works for an organization that contributes to open source projects,
b) and that organization is open to sponsoring an Outreachy intern,
b) and those open source projects include Rust code
then those people would be encouraging further Rust contribution and providing mentorship and opportunities to underrepresented minorities in tech, which are both valuable actions.

It'd also be nice to make internships available to work directly on Rust. Would Mozilla potentially be interested in doing so?