Idea: Create a service that redirects directly from crate name to its repository url

This will reduce one page jump from when cloning a crate's source code or submitting an issue to a crate, etc.

I'm not 100% certain if enough users need this so it's worth adding to one of the services above.

But I'm using a simple shell-alias/script for this, which works for both usecases similarly:

curl -s$1 | jq -r '.crate.repository' 

which then can be used like

# clone the crate repo: 
git clone $( askama)
1 Like supports git cloning of crates:

git clone
Cloning into 'serde'...
warning: redirecting to

For a repository HTML link, I'm slightly worried about creating an open redirect. Spammers find opportunities like that to hide their spammy links behind someone else's reputable domain, and I'd need to put some anti-spam safeguards to prevent spammers from publishing garbage crate with an ad URL in the repository field.


Maybe you could have a redirect page clearly indicating that you are leaving and showing the redirect destination? I know some websites do this for every link that leaves the current website.

I could show a warning and require a click through, but then it wouldn't be more direct than going to the regular crate's page.

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