IDE features for Rust (on Linux)

I'm an old timer poking about in Rust. I'm on Linux (debian) and have set up Sublime Text 3 and vim with Rust add-ons that give me syntax highlighting and source code auto-complete, plus build commands and limited error browsing.

Not quite an IDE but a great help.

However, it would speed up my learning if someone can suggest the best way to look up language features and libraries particularly while working on the code - such as context sensitive help accessed via the keyword under the cursor.

Is there anything like this for ST3 and/or vim on Linux, or if not what is the neatest way to quickly locate documentation relevant to the language features and library interfaces you're working with?

At least for ST, because I do not use Rust.vim, there is nothing like what you are asking for.

IDE's have been long sought after for Rust, and some pop up from time to time. One IDE that I have been wanting to use lately, but have not because Windows, is SolidOak. This is an Rust-centric IDE built around NeoVim as an editor, so it may suit you.

Good luck :slight_smile: