ICO Decoder in crate image or deliver buffer from crate ico?


now i can merge 2 pngs but my next problem is that i want to merge 1 ico with 1 png and output an png.

The crate ico functioned perfect but don’t have the imageprocessing functions from crate image.

My first is to extract the png from ico with crate ico to png, load the png with crate image and overwrite the wanted merged png. Clunky i know, but this functioned.

The i have two ideas:

  1. I read the ico direct with crate image but i don’t find any method or iterator for the ico-entrys. Its functioned, he grab the highest bitmap-data from the ico, but in some situations in need to grab a special entry and i must iterate over the entrys and read the dimensions. Can crate image that?

  2. Crate ico has all ico needings for me. Also i read the buffer in ico and deliver the buffer to an image-object in crate image. But i don’t lnow how i can simple let image::readbuffer or so?


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