iBeacons and Rust

I have been asked to knock up an iBeacon scanning attendance thingy and i've seen several things written in python and javascript that are almost right but not quite but should be easy enough to hack to my liking but as i'd been looking for a project to really get my hands really dirty while learning rust I thought this might be a good one to do in rust. the program is for a raspberry pi 3b+ detecting and parsing iBeacons (0 to many in a room) and making note of when they enter and leave the room. has anyone got any suggestions of bluetooth ble handling crates or even any skeleton code for that type of thing?


I doubt that anyone has skeleton code lying around for a request so specific?

As for the bluetooth modules: Have you looked at crates.io yet?
https://crates.io/search?q=bluetooth gives rumble as third hit:

Rumble is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) central module library for Rust. Currently only Linux (with the BlueZ bluetooth library) is supported

yes i doubt anyone would have much of a skeleton although seen quite complex and complete code for similar things in other languages and honestly i wouldn't want much flesh on the skeleton or that many bones as how'd i learn.

I did hit up crates.io and find rumble and a couple of others so i'll read the docs and see what's what