I32 enum, match via jump?

Context: I am implementing VM instructions.

  1. I want to create a enum,
pub enum OpCode {

but I want the enum to be stored as a i16. I can guarantee that none of the enum choices take arguments, and that I have less than 2^15-1 upcodes.

  1. At part of the core of the interpreter, there is going to be a line of the form
match op_code {
  .... tens of options ...

Is there a way to tell this match to compile itself as a "jump" rather than a chain of if's ?

To specify how your enum is stored (you could also use a i16, but probably an u16 is better):

pub enum OpCode {

LLVM could compile your match into something different from a chain of ifs. Take a look at the asm. I think there’s a crate to force the usage of jumps, but I think it’s a kind of hack, so better to use it only as last resort, IMHO.

Thanks for the repr(u16) insight.

Match statement efficiency? seems to suggest it DOES by default get compiled to jump table.