I wrote an article on dynamic loading/plugins but it needs a diet!

As part of my ongoing FFI guide I've added a chapter on dynamically loading and creating plugins users can load at runtime in a safe manner.

So far the chapter's contents is pretty much there but it's really, really long. Is there any chance someone could look over the chapter and let me know if bits are redundant or overly verbose?

(rendered chapter)

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First of all this guide is really good.

I have done something fairly similar to this in the past. One thing I would like to mention is that _<name> is a reserved namespace in C if I remember correct so I would suggestion just naming then _plugin_create to plugin_create or something like that.

I currently don't have any suggestions on how to trim it down. Personally I prefer to have thing clear and long than short where context can be lost.


Cheers for pointing that out. I was wondering what sort of prefix I could use to indicate it's a reserved symbol and must have borrowed the leading underscore idea from python.

I'm the same. I like it when someone takes the time to go through all the details and adds in plenty of links to other resources or keywords I can use as a starting point for my googling.