I want to make an web service myself

However, at present, I know that the feasible method is to use socket, but I don't want to use any crate. I want to rely on the rust standard library to make a web service. The general idea of its implementation is to define an HTTP type service, and then write some APIs to request the API to obtain data. What knowledge do I need to prepare.

It is very similar to actix-web, but I want to learn to implement it.

What knowledge do I need to know?

What I can think of is:

  1. HTTP protocol
  2. SSL security protocol configuration
  3. socket long link
  4. custom response return
  5. custom accept request data (json www-x-form)
  6. scan API macros
  7. load configuration file to read YML

So I am guessing you'll be making a YAML parser from scratch?

No, I just save the keys of YML and save them through JSON. For now, I look at serde_yaml crate has been implemented and is great

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