I want friends through Rust

hi,i have used kotlin before,but more java.
now i use rust in game server.why not java?
because of the runtime.
some kind of game need faster,but gc is problem,before rust people's choice is less,maybe only c++?

by the other hand,i love japan anime

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Hello :smiley:

Some people in this thread said they use rust for games. I don't know about game servers well though, it feels good.

Haha, that's nice. I don't know anime much, but it is good that many people like Japanese anime.

Rust is cool but not easy.
I have been studying it for half a year. I use it in an industrial project - Power engineering.

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Woah, Rust is used very widely in fact!
I did not know it is used in power engineering at all...

Bc cpp and rust safe, but i feel cpp than rust have more free .

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And Rust is a great language, worth learning .

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Hi, I'm a Seed maintainer and Rust freelance developer (full stack).
Why Rust? See a detailed explanation.

If you want to write a website and learn Rust, web development and Rust best-practices along the way, I would be glad if you join us - forum, chat. (There are many Rust beginners among us.)




That's true :smile_cat:
I have to learn more!


Thank you for telling me the website!
I'm going to join the website :grin: