I want friends through Rust

Rust for life! :joy:
Your work looks so fun! It feels creative, and I want to work like that :smile_cat:


I think it is great that you did not give up learning! I would give up learning Rust by myself if I were you :sweat_smile: That's really great.

I think so, too. I want to learn loads of things throughout the community.

Wow! What do you do with rust at your work?

Cool, I like Chinese people who writes codes. :grin:

Your English is fine.

I use Rust because it doesn't garbage collect(GC) in the same way that Python. Java and Julia do.

My apps require real-time responses for online gaming apps and robotics apps without any GC interrupt issues.

C++ provided this real-time requirement but was prone to memory leak/pointer issues; whereas Rust provides all that C++ does but forces programmers to write better memory-related code that is far less likely to fail due to programmer error.

The Rust borrow checker forces us to write better code designs like Entity Component System(ECS). --El Paso, Texas, USA

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Thanks :grin:
I'm glad when my English is praised!

Wow! Do you develop online games in Rust and C++? I want to hear about it more :smiley:

@ Papillon6814

I prefer Swift than Rust. Because Swift improve my code efficiency and time is money.

I have been coding kotlin and php for developing android application.
After the android application development, I chose Rust for a server-side language of a new project.

Swift also has a cross-toolchain for Android and Liunx.

Remember don't have blind faith in open source.

Why reply? Because the rust forum email push:

Why do you say that? Why single out open source software in particular?

Certainly it's wise not to have blind faith in anything. But I have no reason to have blind faith in closed source software either.

I could give a hundred reasons why one should not put ones trust in closed source software. But that would be way off topic and has been demonstrated all over the internet for decades now.


I don't get it
I use rust for it's memory safety benefits and general peace of mind. I know that open source can sometimes cause a big mess, But I don't see why we should just ditch something because it's open source.

Isn't that why people use rust anyway? So we don't have to fix a bazillion bugs afterwards? I have only used rust at an amaeture level, but up till now I have only encountered literally one type of bug which happens at runtime (blocking on an async runtime). Everything else the compiler won't even compile. And when it does it just runs confidently. How is that not productive?

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You don't like Rust much? :cry:

Well, he certainly refers also to development time which is in average shorter in Swift than in Rust.
Swift also offers safety guards which aren't that high of that in Rust, but in most cases you don't even need the last 10% of safety in Rust.

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Why does he think swift is good at it? I just don't get it because I'm not familiar with both Rust and Swift.

Please tell me why anyone? :wink:

hi,i have used kotlin before,but more java.
now i use rust in game server.why not java?
because of the runtime.
some kind of game need faster,but gc is problem,before rust people's choice is less,maybe only c++?

by the other hand,i love japan anime

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Hello :smiley:

Some people in this thread said they use rust for games. I don't know about game servers well though, it feels good.

Haha, that's nice. I don't know anime much, but it is good that many people like Japanese anime.

Rust is cool but not easy.
I have been studying it for half a year. I use it in an industrial project - Power engineering.

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Woah, Rust is used very widely in fact!
I did not know it is used in power engineering at all...

Bc cpp and rust safe, but i feel cpp than rust have more free .

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And Rust is a great language, worth learning .

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Hi, I'm a Seed maintainer and Rust freelance developer (full stack).
Why Rust? See a detailed explanation.

If you want to write a website and learn Rust, web development and Rust best-practices along the way, I would be glad if you join us - forum, chat. (There are many Rust beginners among us.)




That's true :smile_cat:
I have to learn more!


Thank you for telling me the website!
I'm going to join the website :grin:

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