I need help to configure VSCode

Hello, can you help me to configure VScode, I tried all the best I could. Google is pointing to some articles but I can't find any that works. I use eclipse plugin I want to try also VScode
.Any help is Appreciated thank you.
Sorry to complete the question I need to enable autocomplete and error reporting. IDE is not showing anything.

What issues are you encountering and what are you expecting a "configured" VS Code to look like?

If it helps, I use rust-analyser and everything worked out of the box. Normally these tools will be able to figure out where tools like rustup and cargo are without needing any manual configuration.

Also, have you followed the Setup instructions in the RLS readme?

Autocomplete and error detection. I'm using this plugin

@reneka10, did you follow this link? It has instructions for setting up RLS on VS Code.

let me check on it. Thank you

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