I need a data structure similar to HashMap<K, Vec<V>>. What libraries are available

I need a data structure similar to HashMap<K, Vec>. What library is available? I need to put it into the public scope and use it as a pool

Lazy_ Static! {
Pub static ref SERVER_ Table: RwLock<HashMap:<String, Vec<RegistryRam>>=RwLock:: new (HashMap:: new());

This way, when I obtain the VEC, I cannot modify it

There's no need for a separate library. HashMap<String, Vec<_>> works just fine behind an RwLock.

Can you elaborate? How are you trying to use it? If you obtain a write guard to the RwLock, you should be able to mutate anything behind it. Example.

use std::collections::HashMap;
use poem::Error;
use serde::{Serialize, Deserialize};
use tokio::{sync::RwLock};
use uuid::Uuid;
use vecmap::VecMap;
lazy_static! {
    pub static ref SERVER_TABLE: RwLock<HashMap::<String,Vec<RegistryRam>>> = RwLock::new(HashMap::new()); 
#[derive(Debug, Clone,Deserialize)]
pub struct RegistryParam {
    pub server_name: String,
    pub ip: String,
    pub port:String,

pub struct RegistryRam {
    pub id: String,
    pub server_name: String,
    pub ip: String,
    pub port:String,

impl RegistryParam {
    pub fn to_registry_ram(&self) -> RegistryRam{
        return RegistryRam {
    pub async fn registry(&self) {
        let mut server_table=SERVER_TABLE.write().await;
        let mut server_tab_vec=server_table.get(&self.server_name);
        match server_tab_vec {
            Some(item) => {
            None => {},
        // server_table.insert(self.server_name.clone(), self.to_registry_ram())

This is an example, but compilation exceptions may occur
cannot borrow *item as mutable, as it is behind a & reference
item is a & reference, so the data it refers to cannot be borrowed as mutablerustcClick for full compiler diagnostic

registry_param.rs(42, 18): consider changing this binding's type to be: &mut Vec<RegistryRam>


pub fn to_registry_ram(&self) -> RegistryRam

Go to RegistryRam

View Problem (Alt+F8)

No quick fixes available

You didn't show where the error appears. Please, don't paste the output mangled by your IDE; paste the output of cargo check verbatim, including line numbers and span indicators, as a code block (so that its formatting is not lost).

However, I guess that the problem occurs on the line


and that's because you used


If you had read the documentation of HashMap, you would have known that .get() always returns an immutable reference to the value, even if you have a mutable reference to the HashMap. You will need to use



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Thank you very much. I am a newcomer to Trust and I am not familiar with many aspects of Trust

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