I made a tutorial, how can more people benefit?

I made a tutorial, but I'm new to communication and promotion, and I don't know how to reach more people in need. Can you give me some suggestions?

Learn Rust by 500 lines code, build a Todo Cli Application.

See also: Learn Rust by 500 lines code, build a Todo Cli Application

Have you submitted it to this-week-in-rust.org? The repo is here: GitHub - rust-lang/this-week-in-rust: Data for this-week-in-rust.org and you would add it to the current edition under the draft folder.

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Also consider posting to Reddit (r/compsci, r/programming, r/haskell, r/rust, etc), you have to go find people learning Rust!


Good idea.

Useful advice, thx.

This is insane! thank you bro. Maybe you should creating youtube tutorial too. Just for explain this project and the feature.

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