I Keep Postponing My Rust Trainings What Should I Do

hello, i am constantly postponing my trainings that i need to learn in rust language, how can i get out of this cycle

A good way to stop procrastinating is to start with very small steps and ensure that you have some reward, some feeling that it's good to make progress.

For example, I would suggest you to start gradually solving the simplest activities over at Rust by Example. Then hopefully you'll get a basic grasp of the language quickly, and then you can move on to solve more interesting problems.


I will definitely try this. When I had previously fixed rust-related errors and problems, my desire to learn was greatly increased.

It really depends on your previous background and your interests.
My approach (as an experienced software engineer) would be to read the book and then write something that is as simple as possible but still does something interesting.
My first Rust project was reading a large file in Variant Call Format and calculating variant frequencies and covariances, which I had previously done in Scala and which is a typical task where I work.
I started teaching my son, who knows a little bit of Python and JavaScript, Rust by writing some very simple text-based games with him.

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